The popuse of the RavenRib was to build a very fast RIB and at the same time use it for Charter with up to 12 guest. But it is not alway possible to get the speed you want and the strength in a boat that need to carry 14 persons. So we have found a middel way. Good speed and a rubost hull.

This also been proven by the Swedish police, who have used the RavenRIB since 2009 . Other Governments are using the RavenRib as a chase boat because of it high speed and handling. All boats are specific design for the job you want.

We have delivered a lot of RIB Charters boats, but now the privat sektor are ordering the

RavenRib because of its performance and handling.

RavenRib is registereded trademark VA 2016 02553 and design registereded RCD-3436633



Registereded Trademark: RavenRib VA 2016 02553 RCD-3436633 (Design)


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