RavenRib Is design to our customer requirement. We will always make sure the RIB is performing according to our standards. We have build the RIB for the Mercury Verado engine. other engine can be fitted.


RavenRib Spec.

length OA: 8,87m

Beam OA: 2,54m

Hard nose with big bov locker. small stern locker.

two steps,

Tube: Variable diameter 30cm-44cm (6champers)

Consol: standard is the diamond consol

Seats: Ullman biscya (optional)

Max load: 1900kg

Max engine: 2 x 400hk

Top Speed: 100+ knot



RavenRib are using triax glass fiber and airex foam for maximum strength and high durability.


RavenRib meets the requirement of the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU in accordance with the Essential safety Requirements 3.2 for Stability and Freeboard and 3.3 for Buoyancy and Flotation. EN ISO 6185-4: 2011 corr. Inflatable boats - part 4. boats with a hull lenght of between 8m and 24m with a motor power rating of 15 kW and greater (corrected version 2014-08-01)


Boat type: Rigid inflatable OB

Boat design catagory: C

Length of hull: (m) 8,87

Beam of hull: (m) 2,54

Loaded displacement mass: (kg) 3450

Maximum engine power: 596 kW (800 Hp)

Number of persons recomended: 14

Maximum recomended load: (kg) 1900


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